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In Norway we visit each other. On the countryside, where I grew up, it was normal to just stop by. Now we make appointments, but we are still visiting each other. So our homes are important. Other people are going to see them. That keeps us busy decorating all the time. I don’t know why, but Norway has a high activity of redecorating. It is substantial counted on a national basis. So it is kind of typical of our time, the way we are living. I think it tells a lot about the culture –  how the houses are decorated, how the architecture is.

We were also redecorating. Our house had been an old cabin many years ago. Different owners had built it bigger and bigger. And – they had done it without carpenters, so the starting point wasn’t too good. Luckily my good man is a craftsman, a boat builder for real, not afraid of any type of house project. Houses are easy, boats are difficult, he says. He has been in charge of the work, done a lot with the kitchen and the bathroom, which we say are the most important part of the house if you are selling or buying. And the rest of the house comes afterwards. We were done with the main rooms, now it was the bedroom, and we were building a garage. I say we, because I had started to join the process. I have always done a lot of painting, but now I also nailed panel. A bit of crying and swearing, my mental spirit wasn’t the best, but it developed.

Some of us are still in what we in Norway calls “furuhelvete” (hell of pine)– panel of pine. But painted, then it is more modern. Grey had for a time been a popular color, both inside and outside. After a very long period of white, nearly totally white. And white isn’t wrong. Never wrong in Scandinavia, these bright rooms letting in light summer and winter. Our kitchen is like that. But you know, burning wood, the white is struggling. Me too, having to wash it.

For the bedroom, we joined the trend of grey. Nearly finished, I went shopping of new linen for the bed. And the big trend now was – linen. Oh, expensive, but I found a good offer, as housewives should. Voila, our bedroom turned beautiful and trendy. That’s kind of happiness, making something nice. We still love it, after a year. And it is going to last, the room got a good attitude. 20170306_104408

My photos, on the other hand, are not going to be awarded. Photographing bedrooms wasn’t that easy as I thought. The new look was to let the bed look casual. That wasn’t easy at all. 20170403_082536

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