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Blueberry muffin

Sometimes they get perfect

They are English, muffins. And I did really not grow up with them. They are not under my skin or learned by heart. They get too wet or too dry. It is easier to bake bread. We do that, at least some of us, in Norway, bake bread. I’m good at that, but muffins? And scones? Not so easy either.  I’m still trying. And my man, he has to eat them, him and his friends at work.  I like the blueberry muffin type best, and something named lunch muffins, salty ones with cheese ham and some vegetables. They were both a part of my “how to learn photography” project. I went to it like a former PhD- student.

Preparing a good meal is central for us and dinner is the highlight of the day. I and my man do not quite agree when the dinner should be, but I decide since I’m making it. We have grown up with some traditional Norwegian food, me and my companion. “Fish and potatoes” is a saying here. We still make dinner with cooked potatoes, and we like fish in several ways. One of them is cod, salted overnight. Slightly salted we call it, and we have bacon next to it and something we call “gulrotstuing”, carrot in white sauce (béchamel). But this kind of traditional normal food is not so photogenic, (not at all says my good friend from Finland), so I have no photos. We just eat. On the other side, when I invite friends, I make it more delicate. Tapas are a great thing, with focaccia.


When my friends are visiting I try to dress up the food

Photographing food is a work of patience. After a while I understood that all the spectacular photos of food weren’t taken with a mobile camera.

Now, when Christmas is heading up, we eat this “lutefisk”. There is no English word, and we just love it. It is cod, treated with – lye – I think the English name is, and then washed in running water (sounds terrible, I know). We cook it in the oven and have a lot of stuff besides. The last years the dish has been very popular at restaurants in the town Tromsø. If you visit, you should give it a go, but perhaps be prepared to get used to it slowly.


Norwegian delicacy, cod, potatoes, pea stew, carrot, bacon, mustard

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