Photographing Christmas Spirit

This night nearly half a meter of snow appeared. Wind stopped in the morning, a bit of bright sky showed itself so we could imagine light. Silence came; it’s a winter sound, when there is a fury blanket over everything.

morning in Polar Night

light comes in so many different colours

As an adult, I often think that the best part of Christmas is the time before. This dark month in northern parts of Norway has its own brightness. Preparing gifts, the traditional food and all the lights; candles, stars in windows, Christmas trees outside. Often the snow is perfect for a couple of days and we think that this will be perfect.

But nature is not always at our side, so Christmas Eve can be a rainy, stormy and not so peaceful experience. In that case this period before can show the real spirit of Christmas.

winter morning

someone have to move away all that snow

I’m not talking about buying gifts. It is this feeling who visits. In the morning when you look outside, or the cats jumping straight in again afraid to drown in the snow, I can have this glimpse of childish feeling, the joy for the gift of snow. It also carries memories of skiing; small feet skiing around the house.

So, I’m going for it and hope others do it too. Just enjoy, play along and celebrate the whole month, whenever nature shows the spirit, welcome it.

There is a saying that when all the women are baking, the heat from the ovens makes the weather mild a period before Christmas. So the cold white snow will not last. It’s of course also a typical coastal climate, these changes between cold and warm days. In the inner part of Finnmark, it is colder and more stable; there can be minus 40 degrees Celsius.

I’m running around taking photos everywhere, before the women bakes too much.

4 thoughts on “Photographing Christmas Spirit

  1. lovely photos, as usual! I love the story about the women baking causing a thaw. A good thought.

    I think the best part about Christmas is the time leading up to it. All the anticipation, preparation, decorations, lights, and if we are lucky enough snow! My family has a tradition of gathering to sing all the traditional carols. We do that this weekend, and I am looking forward to seeing cousins I have not seen since last year.

  2. What an amazing place to be at Christmas! Thanks for sharing. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress and my poem today is about Christmas spirit in case you have time to look? Festive Greetings! Sam 🙂

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