The Norwegian Hike

When Sunday arrives many people find their way out in nature. So do we. Taking a walk and eating lunch outside is a Norwegian way of mindfulness. We love being outside. In the last twenty years it has also become normal to climb the highest mountains both summer and winter, especially in the north where there are a lot of mountains.

But a little hike can also do, happily with a little campfire to eat besides. This Sunday we did that. I texted a friend to ask if they were going anywhere. They were already on the go and we followed in their track. The day was winter clear; with the arctic light we are so fond of here in the north. A bit of snow covered the ground, after some rainy days it was hard, called “skare” –

Following a path or walking along a small road is the easiest and most comfortable thing to do. Not to day. We found the way where our friends had parked and went along. A little stream flowed besides the road, and some ice had started to cover it. After a little while we had to leave the road, and walk over a frozen swamp. In my younger days I walked a lot in the mountains, young and strong we just went through any obstacle of vegetation or scree, which there are several places. Now it was long time since I left a road, and the crust wasn’t strong enough to carry us all the way. But I loved it. I went in the state of mind focusing to get through the area, all the other things in my head left. I can’t guarantee it, but I think this is one of the things with the Norwegian hike; we walk through our messy brains. When we arrive at our lunch stop, we also arrive at a place of greater silence.

mountain and the fjordAnd most central – we are very fond of the view. It is a well-known thing to everyone living in Norway. We seek higher places or places where we can see the ocean. Then we breathe a little easier.

It was nice meeting our friends. Minus 10 degrees Celsius made it a bit cold, and we missed our camp fire. We had too few matches, and our proudness got a break when we didn’t get the fire to burn. We decided to go home to eat some apple cake and drink another cup of coffee.

over the frozen swampThe dog ran around enjoying dog life, we strolled quietly back along our tracks. The sky was photogenic so I had to stop a lot.  It is difficult to capture the beauty of the sky, and the bit of sun that stroke over the mountain top.

I seldom use a tripod, even if my photographer in the house is telling me to do so. I love the easiness of just taking quick photos when passing along. This autumn I decided to buy a camera, just a tiny one called Cannon GSX. I am still trying to learn how to treat it. The camera on the phone is easier. But I will learn more. And in the dark period where the light is of most interest, it is necessary with this tripod. So I am going for it.a house by the sea

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