An ordinary Day in January

The weather has been as beautiful as it can be in the first month of the year up in the north. It is cold, from minus 10 to minus 20 degrees Celsius and clear sky. I try to catch it with my camera. There are so many moments through the day. The special morning light before the sun arrives, at sunrise of course and when the sun starts the sunset. It does not end there, evening light can be really special and for the clever ones, the northern light. I look outside all the time and try to plan where and when I will take photos because I can’t stay out all the time. I get exhausted and need to rest.

morninglight 1

Some days the colors are spectacular

Today I will go for the early morning light. Yesterday it was spectacular. I leave the warm bed, looking outside; take a decision – grab yoghurt and a cup of tea to go. North or south? In the south, there are some clouds, perhaps the red colors will arrive.


Reindeer besides the road

I drive to one of my favorite places and when I arrive a reindeer shows up. I stop the car and suddenly several reindeers come out of the forest. They group themselves beside the road. I try to take photos without scaring them away. Not exceptionally photos, but nice to be there. After a while they return to the forest and I take a stroll to the sea.

But I realize that the red colors will not show up. Try some shots anyway, perhaps some photos are ok. My fingers are cold and I pack up and return home.

Later this day I’m going to pick up our friends little boy after school. I show up a bit early, going to the shore to take some quick photos. I get a glimpse of an animal in the sea, it is an otter. He disappears, but when I’m standing there he returns. I realize he’s hunting fish. The little animal comes and goes through the water, jumps up and down. I try to catch him for about five minutes; luckily I get some good shoots. A bit out of air I go for the boy and we drive home.

What should the moral be? I feel privileged. On regular daily trips I can see reindeer, moose, eagles, otters and a lot of birds, perhaps a little hare. It is really good to know these creatures are living besides us, showing up now and then. And it is not so easy to plan what to photograph. Neither the sun nor the animals do as I expect and that’s the best, all the surprises through a day. Tomorrow is another day and new possibilities to explore more.


5 thoughts on “An ordinary Day in January

  1. lovely photos – expected or not!

    How much daylight have you got this month? We have noticed our days getting longer already, about 40 more minutes since the solstice in December.

    Keep warm, don’t; stay outside too long!

      • Getting ten minutes a day is great! It comes back fast, doesn’t it? Ours comes back a few minutes a day. We don’t ever get sun for 24 hours, but our summer days are nice and long, about 17 hours of light in June.

  2. Velkommen til min blog, Marja! Ser du liker å fotografere? Da er det mye å titte på etter hvert!
    Nesten 7 000 ‘full screen’ -bilder er lagt ut så langt! Kos deg!

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