A House by the Sea

Grøtfjord on the outher coast

The outer coast are not far away

When I grew up I always dreamt about a house by the sea. If I ever should buy myself a house, it should be with the wide ocean right in front of it. Behind the house there would be mountains. The best place, I thought, would be Lofoten. Not so far from where I grew up, on the other side of the fjord exactly, laid a shore where I could see myself living. I longed to sit in front of a house, my house, at the stairs, and see the midnight sun touch the horizon. It was the openness which attracted me.

I finished school, got jobs, moved several places in Lofoten, one of my favorite regions in Norway. The houses were all of them placed on the inner side of the archipelago with the view South, South West. But in the north, North West, the big ocean laid. Waiting.

I moved again this time to Tromsø and I have stayed here. I live in a house between trees. My view is great; I see mountains and a little fjord, and the sun when she appears. But it’s not the same. Every time I visit the outer coast and I can see the ocean, I feel ease. I can breathe easier, the smell is wonderful and my heart speaks of joy.

gult hus_Vannøya2

Dreaming of a house like this

The openness still attracts me. The outer coast is not far away, I could go more often.
We have some wonderful artists in Norway singing about life and living in the north. One of them is called Moddi. He sings a song called House by the sea.

You can listen here

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  1. I have always wanted to live on a small island, with the open ocean all around. Likely will never happen, but I can dream! Love your photos, as always.

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