Hunting the Morning Light

I get out of bed and find something to wear. It is half past four in the morning, perhaps I had a nightmare. Some places sky is clear; I know I won’t sleep so I heat some water for tea. My two cats are asking for food, I find some more clothes. Tea is ready; I take a banana and yoghurt. Cold car, but it will be warmer. It will take some time before the best light appears. I find a spot for my first try.


Tromsøpalme – Heracleum tromsoensis

There is a house which I plan to photograph. Perhaps morning light will be the right time? I turn the car to find out. The day is burrowing along the way. I try to capture it. A moose take a walk on the road, but disappears before I can take a photo.


Reflections and crispy blue

A Sami camp made for tourists is nicely placed. I make an experiment with the camera, reduce shutter speed.

Sami Camp 1

Sami Camp

When I arrive at the farm with the old house, the magic light has gone. But I learn new things about the house, the light and how it pass through the day.

I love these mornings driving around while light arrives and nightmare disappears. Now it is time for breakfast at home.