Arctic Summer

20180731_135906What a release! This summer turned out better than I thought.
When summer arrives – or should arrive – in the north, I am always a bit afraid. How will it become this year? I really need some sun and summer heat – that means degrees past 20 Celsius – before winter hits again. In the Arctic areas summer is not predictable. Some years, like this June, snow decorated the mountains for many days. It was the worst June since 1959, rain nearly every day.My panic grew, I started to talk about Mediterranean, Portugal or Spain.

Then July came. And sun. She shone all day long – and night. We get so happy; we feel lighthearted and so blessed when the weather becomes like that. We went on a trip with our sailboat and explored areas not so far from Tromsø.

IMG_20180731_084521_735The most spectacular was to visit the outer coast with the ocean so calm. And for periods there was no wind, or the wind was warm. We did not need outer jackets! If you visit northern Norway in a period like this, you will meet nice and happy people doing strange things like fishing at midnight, talking to strangers, staying at the beach into late evening – and so on.

This type of weather is a result of high pressure over the Kola Peninsula, on the Russian side of the border. We even call it “Russian heat”. So I will thank our Russian neighbors for a summer that made me ready for a new winter. Thank You!

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  1. Your scenery is breathtaking! So lovely! Our summers are also short, though longer than yours. This year we had a very long very hot spell, really too hot, in the 90’s and low 100’s for several days at a stretch. Almost as bad as cold! But August settled down and has been quite lovely, just enough rain, not too hot. Love summer!

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