Sailing in Fog

I really don’t like fog at sea. It feels rather threatening to hear a ship pass by without seeing it. Specially at the ocean, where there are no place to hide. This time it was different.

This weekend we sat the sails for the outer coast of Tromsø.  The weather forecast was good, only some fog in the fjords in the morning. The many islands besides Tromsø are really fine areas, both for sailing and hiking. We invited a couple of friends and brought some good food on board and spent the whole day sailing around. After a good meal we enjoyed the sunset while we returned to the harbor where they had placed their car. We enjoyed the harbor and an early night.

I sleep so well in the boat and really like the mornings on board. When I woke up the fog had arrived. It was beautiful with sun coming and going.

20180909_070937After a trip on land we sailed inward of the fjord. Fog varied from really thick to just small traces. We could see at something called AIS if big boats or ships were coming, it was easy to stay away – we just followed near the coast. Underway we stopped to fish for our cats and for us.

The areas nearby Tromsø are our treasure chest, our golden places.We are so fortunate to have these opportunities.